In honor of Women’s History Month, we wanted to celebrate the women-led team at Haven Apartments! Women are constantly underrepresented in the AEC industry so we could not pass up the opportunity to highlight the incredibly successful, talented women collaborating on the Haven Apartments. We asked them what their experience has been working on a women-led team.

“It has been really nice to work with all women, on multiple levels. It is so rare, I really enjoy it, knowing that we are breaking the glass ceiling by simply working together.  All of us want what is best for the project, and I know even when it gets tough that all of us want this to work.”

Laura Bartenhagen, Principal | Civil Project Manager at ESM Consulting Engineers 

“I have been lucky in my career to work in inclusive and forward-looking environments. More than half of Milbrandt’s design team is female and one of our two managing principals is a woman. When working with other firms it is always rewarding to see examples of progress in an industry that historically has been imbalanced. Right now an all-woman project team is an unusual occurrence, but hopefully, soon it will be considered a part of the norm.”

Heather Mauldin, Design Lead at Milbrandt Architects 

“I love just having women on teams besides just the BDG Gang (my firm of four is all women), not that I planned it that way, but we all have families with various aged kids and all work remote. With the way I have it set up, we can have a life and have a job we enjoy that works with us.”

Kathleen Reader, Principal at Bradley Design Group, Inc. 

“Our company, DEI Creative, is woman-founded/owned and women-led. I’ve seen stats out there that this makes us part of the 0.1% of creative agencies with female founders/owners; that’s one in a thousand. And when only 29% of creative director roles are held by women, according to one study, we’re rare in that respect too. Working for and with women — both on my own team, and on client teams like Haven’s — creates differences in the environment that are both loud and subtle. After working at DEI for eight years, in some ways it’s become normal for me — but every time an all-female client team draws attention to who’s in the room, we all still can’t help but feel excited. Emotionally and statistically, it’s something we all recognize to be special.”

Kate Schenot, Senior Strategist at DEI Creative

“I am proud to be part of such a great project and project team (who all just happen to be women). Architectural and engineering design have a significant impact on people’s lives— how they interact with neighbors, how they work, play, and recreate. It’s a privilege to play a role in creating a sense of community and place for our residents.”

Yeoryia Anastasiou, Development Manager at Tarragon