The Tarragon team participated in a Habitat for Humanity Build Day in Tacoma this past week! Our group spent the day framing, tiling a kitchen, drywalling, and landscaping two homes for Habitat for Humanity. It was an incredible experience for our team, getting our hands dirty and giving back to our community.

“I enjoyed the fellowship with my fellow coworkers and the opportunity to make a huge dent in getting that house one step closer to being ready for its future homeowner. H4H relies heavily on its volunteers to make it possible for the homes to be offered at an affordable level for someone who otherwise would not ever be able to afford a home. It was such a satisfying end to the week on so many levels.” – TIM WERFELMANN

“My Build Day experience was very positive, and I wouldn’t hesitate to participate again. I was able to engage with colleagues I don’t regularly work with and got to know them better. Everyone was contributing, and it was a genuine team effort to contribute back to the community. A recently new owner of an adjacent Habitat 4 Humanity home stopped by and conveyed how transformative the program is for participants and the importance of volunteer support. I left with a sense of pride in not just what we accomplished but the whole team’s attitude and eagerness to make a difference on the project with the day that we had to give.”

“The Madison Meadow Habitat for Humanity team had an incredible and eye-opening experience framing a duplex in South Tacoma. The ability to come together as a team and tangibly benefit our community was both gratifying and humbling. As the day progressed and the rain battered on, the flames inside our enthusiastic spirits began to dwindle. We consistently take for granted the ability to remain warm and dry under the cover of shelter in our society, yet this is a devastating issue throughout our country. Experiencing this on a minuscule scale and being able to help two families obtain secure shelter is truly heartwarming. Thank you to the Habitat for Humanity and Tarragon teams for allowing us to participate in this touching experience.” – GEORGE ESAU

“Spending a day outside, putting up walls to form a home for a family, was very rewarding, and I am so glad to be working for a company that gives me that opportunity. On the frames that were constructed before we arrived, there were dozens of names and well wishes from previous volunteers, which kept me thinking about the family that would eventually be kept warm and safe inside this home. It was great to take a moment and step outside of myself.”